Recognizing the traits of weight stress and how to overcome it

Heavy stress qualities
Severe stress can affect various aspects of life, ranging from emotions, behaviors, thinking skills, and health. Before it poses a broader problem, it is important to recognize the characteristics of heavy stress so that this condition can be dealt with immediately.

The characteristics of a person suffering from severe stress include:

It’s easy to restless, feel frustrated, and often look moody.
The same feeling was not good and worthless, and I felt so depressed.
I can’t think quietly.
Not a tonic or an emotional.
You can’t sleep or experience insomnia.
Easy pain
Often headaches.
Often suffer from indigestion, such as bloating, diarrhea and constipation.
Low appetite or do not have appetite.
Different ways to deal with extreme stress
Untreated severe stress can increase the risk of developing different diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, gastric acid disease, asthma and mental illness, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

To deal with extreme stress, there are a variety of ways you can do:

  1. Positive Thinking
    It’s not easy, but you should still try to think positively about the problem you are facing.

Try to remind or motivate yourself about the positive things you have and deserve to be grateful for. This can reduce the weight stress you suffer from.

  1. Writing Memos
    Casting sweat in another can help relieve stress. By writing all your fears, the fears that you feel may diminish. You can even understand and manage your emotions better afterwards.
  2. Tell people nearby
    Do not immerse yourself in problems, but try to tell them what you experience and feel with your family or friends. By telling people nearby, it can reduce the burden you feel.
  3. Enough sleep
    Enough sleep can also help you cope with extreme stress. Try to listen to the music before bedtime, so that the mind becomes more relaxed. In addition, you can also take a warm shower before bedtime.
  4. Go on holiday

To reduce the extreme stress you are experiencing, take a work permit to go on vacation. This can make the mind more youthful, so it can reduce stress.

If the above methods are done but the severe stress that suffers is not solved well, immediately consult the psychiatrist. Psychologists can help you find the right solution to manage the severe stress you are experiencing.