Factors that may make you difficult for children

Weight. If you have too thin weight or too fat, you can hinder your chances of becoming a parent. According to research, mothers who are classified as overweight (weight gain) and obesity are twice as slow as pregnant in comparing those who have a natural body weight. Well, to see if your weight is normal or not, you can check your block indicator (BMI). Body mass index is obtained from weight distribution in kilograms with a height in square meters.

Your weight is normal if IMT is within 18.5-24, 9.

Age. Your chance of acquiring offspring may diminish when you try to conceive at age 35 or older. At that age, women’s fertility can be drastically reduced. While in men, their fertility may decrease at the age of more than 40 years.

You have a health disorder. In women, include health disorders that may affect you in having children:

Endometriosis. When the endometrial tissue grows out of the uterus. It often affects the work of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.
The fallopian tube is damaged or clogged. These cases may occur due to pelvic inflammatory diseases, fallopian tubes, sexually transmitted diseases, or endometriosis.
Ovulation disorder. This condition can prevent the ovaries from releasing the egg.
Thyroid problems. A lot or less of the thyroid hormone can interfere with menstrual cycles or cause fertility disorders.
While men are present, health disorders can allow you to have offspring such as diabetes, genetic defects or mumps. The swelling of the blood vessels in the testicles that can increase the blood flow and body temperature in the area will also affect the sperm count and shape. These can make all sperm production abnormal. It is difficult to have children can also happen if men experience premature ejaculation.

If you want to have a mommongan, let’s get away from things that can make you hard to have children. If you are having health problems as mentioned above, consult your doctor immediately to get the appropriate treatment.

Remember, it’s hard to have a kid that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good life. With Medicare, you can, in turn, increase your chances of becoming a parent. So, don’t be sad and desperate. If you need to, you can participate in the pregnancy program now offered by hospitals.