Black soy enthusiasts will be able to 4 these benefits

Soy is produced from the soybean plant which is a family of legumes, including legumes, dried beans and lentils. Soybean has a higher fat proportion than other nuts that are generally fat-free. However, these fats are still good fats derived from the content of monounsaturated fats, unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and cholesterol-free.

Not only is rich in good fat content, soybean consumption can turn down the risk of coronary heart disease. Soybean contains phytosterogen content that resembles the cycle of estrogen function. In women in menopause, this hormone is useful for preventing symptoms of “hot flashes ” due to menopause. Besides, coronary heart disease and soybean are also believed to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

What about the benefits that are given thanks to the consumption of black soy?

Rich in isoflavones content and effective anti-cancer substances

Like content in soybeans, black soy is also enriched with isoflavones content as an antioxidant. Isoflavones such as Genistin and Daidzein are believed to have the same function as Esterogen hormones commonly called phytostergens. Isoflavones in Soya bean are able to resist the evil hormones that make up prostate cancer and breast cancer. In addition, black soy is enriched with Vitostirols, saponins, as well as other active substances that are able to fight cancer.

High percentage of fiber, protein and anthocyanins

For those of you who have high cholesterol, you can add black soy in the list of daily meals. Protein content in soybeans is believed to reduce the risk factors of heart disease, arthritis, and weight gain. It is also believed that black soy is able to maintain brain function and increase stamina during exercise. Meanwhile, anthocyanins derived from natural plant pigments are useful in generating antiaterogenic activity, a change that protects against the risk of plaque accumulation in the arteries. In addition, improved visibility and anti-inflammatory systems can also be obtained from the consumption of black soy.

Reduce the risk of blood clotting in deep venous blood vessels

Coagulation is a blood clotting condition that can be fatal. The benefits of black soy to reduce this risk, even larger compared to yellow and green soy beans, such as edamame.

AIDS blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular disorders

Oil on black soybean contains alpha-linolenic acid content which is a kind of omega 3 fatty acid. This article works to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. Black soy extract can simplify circulation and reduce the risk of other cardiovascular disorders.

Although it has a less flattering look and black color, black soy has a number of good benefits for body health. Did you try it on the daily dish list? If not, it doesn’t hurt to start doing it now and start using black soy to improve family health. …