Apparently not difficult to cope with stress

Impact of stress on health
Prolonged stress can lead to your illness. Excessive stress affects not only mental health, but also public health. Maybe you’re wondering, “Why can it cause disease stress? ” Answer, stress is not just a feeling. Stress will lead to some reactions, such as increased blood pressure, tightness of the veins, and will also breathe faster. This is due to the release of the body cortisol and adrenaline hormones that make the heart work faster. These hormones are also able to spit energy for free until you find it easy to get tired.

The immune system of the person being pressed will decrease, making the body difficult against the disease. As a result, you will be more prone to disease. When you are suffering from a disease, stress may be able to make your condition worse. Here are some of the situations that can attack you if you experience long stress:

Sleep disturbances.

Do these ways to control stress
The first step to overcoming stress is to find out what causes stress, in which case you know it yourself. After that, type any of these stress stimuli so you can predict what steps you need to take to prevent or resist stress.

The next step is to do things that can provide relaxation for the body and mind, such as:

Remove All Unek-unek
Disturbing your feelings, especially the emotions that disturb you, can make you tense. It is best to express everything so you can relieve your burden. Express everything in mind for the person concerned, people you trust, or psychologists. Believe me, after removing all that is not expensive, your feelings are certainly much better.
In addition to making the body healthy, exercise can also relieve stress. One simple way can be walking or biking around a complex house.
Meditation can help you calm your mind. You can experience sports like yoga which also teaches how to meditate.